The (Lazily Crafted) Haircut Analogy

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I’m growing my hair out at the moment.

There’s a long way to go between this:

And this:

There’s a huge stretch of time between your first intentions and your goals.

The further down the road you get, the more you forget why you started in the first place.

Every time we finish a piece of work, I’m reinvigorated. Every single thing we finish is a step closer to our goals. In the past year we’ve won a prize in the world’s biggest short film competition, we’ve become content creators for the BBC’s social media platform, we’ve had a musical workshopped in the US and we’ve learnt a fuckton of skills along the way.

I learned to code this year. Oscar’s making money animating freelance. Progress is being made.

But we’re in that awkward stage. The hair is just long enough to get in your face, but not long enough to tie in a bun.

I turn 23 in a few days. Closer to 25 than 20. I know I’ve got to make something happen soon.

(teh berfday boiey)

And we’re working on it.

  • We’re currently in the process of animating the first episode of P.O.L.I.S – our first serialised animated show for BBC The Social!
  • We’re recording vocals this week for The Age Of Gold, our debut single for our pop band TOMATOPOTATO!
  • I finally got our website and blog sorted out after billions of years (fuck you PHP).

Anyway – we’ll probably be posting here a lot – basically rundowns of our projects, mind-dumps like this one. After all…

“I love the smell of self-indulgence in the morning…”